Stand-Up Paddle boarding is a fast growing watersport which is popular all over the world. SUP is a mix between surfing and paddling. Anyone can Stand Up Paddle, guaranteed! It’s so easy to learn it and it requires little physical strength.

There are different reasons why people use SUP, the most common one being curiosity.

But after you have found out that you really like it, it can be used for working out, cardio fitness, teambuilding, to be at one with nature, spend time with your family and friends, to introduce a new sport to your child, and to explore places of beauty and lush landscape often limited to other types of vessels.
Some people even SUP with a man’s best friend – dog!

If you don’t have any knowledge of SUP, we suggest that you to take a lesson.

Because taking a lesson is about progressing quickly and maximizing the fun factor. There are some basic skills that will really help you accelerate your learning, and a lesson will save you hours of frustration.

But who taught the first one how to do it?
They learnt by themselves, by their own experience, and if you are willing to do it that way, feel free to enjoy self-exploration of SUP charm, because we are able to achieve many great things if we just believe in ourselves a little!

But if you decide for a lesson, this is the plan:
  • introduction to equipment
  • safety and weather
  • proper carrying of the board
  • proper paddle usage
  • lying position paddling
  • knee paddling
  • stand up paddle (technique and correct body posture)
  • turn and manoeuver the board
  • recover the board and the paddle

Price list:

- Lesson: 30,00 € (1 hour)
- Rental:   13,00 € (1 hour)
- SUP Safari: 65,00 € (2 hours)